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There are certain outgoings that remain the responsibility of the property’s occupier, some we can deal with. The following is a list of payments and who is responsible:

Council Tax

When a tenant moves in it is their responsibility to pay the council tax as the property’s occupier. It is not the landlord’s responsibility unless otherwise agreed. The exception is an empty property. As a landlord you may have to pay a charge for the period that the property is empty.

Ground Rents

We can deal with the payment of ground rents and maintenance charges.

Water Supply & Sewerage

The tenants are normally responsible for payment of these charges unless agreed otherwise at commencement of the tenancy.

Television Licence

The tenant is responsible for licence arrangements if there is a television in the property.

Utility Accounts (Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone)

These service agreements are transferred directly to the tenant who is responsible for settling the accounts. Before you leave the property, we advise you to contact the relevant service companies and arrange final accounts. Owners are responsible for standing charges whilst the property is not subject to a Tenancy Agreement.